Photo Essay: Fall Construction

Street construction seems like a normal part of urban life nowadays. Sometimes you get the idea in your head that ‘construction season is almost over’! But it never really ever seems to end.

This morning, paving interrupted people’s commutes once again.

Construction at Dartmouth St. and Commonwealth Ave. caused traffic this morning.

The infamous orange construction cones lined the corner of Dartmouth St. and Commonwealth Ave. this morning. Traffic funneled through with relative ease.

Boston officials direct bikes and cars through the traffic.

Both bikers and drivers tried to navigate through the mess. Boston city officials were on the scene, but were not directing traffic. That task was up to the commuters themselves. Luckily, most cars kindly yielded to bikers.

Chemicals litter the street as construction workers pave the street.

Chemicals littered the sidewalks, too. People passing by could smell the fumes from the street paving. The toxic smell was unmistakeable.

Morning pedestrians watch their step as they cross the street.

Sidewalks were closed on both Commonwealth Ave. and Dartmouth St. Pedestrians had to watch their step as they crossed the street.

Construction equipment compliments the Fall colors in the Boston Commons.

Construction equipment was even in the Boston Commons. No commuter– biker, driver, or walker– could easily by-pass the street construction today.

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